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Welcome to the provinces #1 online showroom. With us you will only find the best car deals the best service & best price possible from participating listed car dealers & private sellers in province.

Here are a few reasons why you can trust purchasing your next vehicle from our listed dealers & private sellers:

  1. We verify every advertiser so; we don’t allow criminals to advertise.
  2. We can help you reach a best decision when purchasing from a private seller.
  3. We can help you find the car you want at the best possible price/ help you get the best deal within your budget & needs.
  4. If you decide to buy a car from a private seller we can help nominate a registered facilitator between seller & buyer so both parties are secure.
  5. We only deal with dealerships who have ethics & have your best interest at heart (price & service) so should we receive a valid complaint about a dealer from you we can fine the dealer & compensate you /DE-list the dealer from selling on our platform.
  6. You can ask us for free non bias advise if you are battling to reach a decision about a particular car or make trust us we are here for you 1st.
  7. We can help you get the best trade in deal when you want to upgrade your car.
  8. We can help you sell your current car, simply bring it and we will do a free evaluation & we will advertise it for you for free t&c apply.
  9. We can help you get the best insurance deal for your car at no fee.
  10. We can help you attain car finance for free.
  11. We care about every shopper and we will do our best to help every step of the way speak to us we listen & help.



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